Michael Jai White

Hey there everyone! You want to see more amazing and hot tabloid men action? well you are in just the right place to see some more famous movie stars getting to expose themselves on camera for you. Or rather in the scenes that they had going, and you can see just the good parts of them snipped together here for the afternoon. The main feature of this show is Michael Jai White and of course he’s one of the best looking black movie stars out there. He always lands these roles where he gets to play muscled black men that look gorgeous, so sit back and check out this one as he plays a full contact MMA fighter. You are in for a world of great tabloidmen images!

Anyway, like we said, we bet that you want to see him in action already and his superb body in full display too. The guy has a cage match with another guy and seems to be really eager to get to play. See the sweat starting to drip as the two muscled hunks dance around one another in the ring today and work each other to exhaustion too. Either way it’s a great way to notice those big muscles put to some amazing and hard work and we’re absolutely sure that you will enjoy every single second of this whole thing too. We want to say goodbye to you all for now and tell you to come back next week and check out even more naughty shows too. See you all then!


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