Tabloid Men – Robbie Amell

Hey there guys and welcome to the new and fresh tabloid men scene that we have all ready and prepared for you all this afternoon. We want to bring you a nice and hot scene featuring the sexy stud Robbie Amell as he gets to have his time to shine in his very own hot and sexy scene here today. He gets some alone time to play in the locker room and you can see him having lots and lots of fun with the whole thing too. He, of course gets to undress and show off all naked and nude in this tabloidmen show and you can see every detail of the hot stud’s scene in this update. Let’s get it going and see the action unfold shall we?


The guy and a co worker are at the lockers where they were working and getting ready to change their clothes to the work outfits. Now Robbie’s character here decided to be all sensual and naughty and tease the other person there. To do that he drops pretty much all his clothes off and when that person asks why, she smugly says that it’s better for him this way. But either way he wants them to have a full frontal view of his hot body and you get to see it as well in this amazing scene here for the afternoon. So let those cameras roll and enjoy the naughty and kinky action with Robbie today everyone. We’ll see you again next week with more.

Take a look at Robbie getting naked in the locker room!