Tabloid Men – Viggo Mortensen

Ahhh, another fresh week and another juicy and hot tabloid men scene ready for you as usual. We promised you something special last week, so here we are delivering on that without delay and we bet you’ll love it. Here you will get to watch the hot Viggo Mortensen as he gets to have some wild times with this babe under a waterfall and of course he’s all nice and naked. It’s one those rare scenes that you get to see this guy get naughty and we know that you all fantasize about him playing Aragorn too. So let’s just get it on and watch him getting wild with his co star as they get naked in the cool water for the afternoon today!

As you also know, we strive to bring you new and hot tabloidmen in hot scenes every single new week and we never fail to deliver. Case in point, this scene wasn’t going to be the start of that either. So we figured that it would be perfect to bring you something truly juicy in this one. Have some fun watching Viggo and the babe play kinky and enjoy the view of this male star all naked on camera. There will be more new galleries next week as well so do come by to take your time and enjoy those too, but for now we have to say our goodbye. And also, check out the past scenes as well and you can see even more hot guys playing!


Watch here Viggo stripping off in front of the camera!

Tabloid Men – Taylor Kitsch

Hi there guys and gals. It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. New tabloid men scenes are here to be shown off to you and just like always they contain some juicy and hot men showing off their bodies. Today it’s Mr. Taylor Kitsch’s turn to have his body exposed and you can bet that it makes for a great show. So let’s get the show rolling and you will get to see the blonde stud as he joins his buddies by the pool and also undresses in this scene. He only needed to take off the shirt to be ready and you can see this little strip session going down here without any more delays. Let’s get started!


And we do have to say that let’s hope that Taylor gets to make more appearances in the future too, as he was just great for this tabloidmen scene. Well like we said, watch him stripping out of his clothes on camera to just keep his Speedo on for the pool. And with that enjoy the view of his sexy muscular body display on camera from every single angle possible as well. Well with that being said, we hope that you enjoy it and you just have to drop by next week for a special KristenBjorn surprise. We’ll have quite the hot scene ready and trust us when we say that you all won’t want to miss any single image inside it either. See you all then!

Watch these hot guys stripping in front of the camera!

Steve Howey Sex Scene

Welcome once more everybody, to a new tabloid men scene that you just need to see for this afternoon. You may ask yourselves why, and the reason is quite simple really. This scene has the sexy Steve Howey in it and he gets to take part in quite the sensual scene with a babe. So let’s take the time to see the stud getting to take his time with this babe on the bed and you can be sure that you can see some truly juicy galleries this afternoon as you can watch this man’s sexy body fully exposed on cameras for the whole afternoon. So let’s get this amazing tabloidmen show on the road to see the full scene more in detail shall we?

Well, the show begins and like we said, you get to watch the action go down. See the sex session starting off with some sensual and passionate kissing and caressing as these two make quick work of one another’s lovely outfits to show their naked bodies on camera too. And as the babe lays on the bed, you get to watch the guy starting to plow her pussy fast and deep too as she moans in pleasure. And as a bonus you get to watch Steve’s sexy ass in motion as well. We hope you’ll enjoy the superb show today and we’ll be back soon with another new and fresh scene for y’all to check out as well. Anyway, see you next week with new content!


Watch here this Steve Howey in this hot sex scene!

Tabloid Men Sam Rockwell

Well, this is quite the naughty and exclusive tabloid men scene we have for you all to check out. This isn’t really from any movie, it’s just something that the paparazzi happened to catch on camera. And there was no way that you would be missing this hot show for the world. It has the sexy Sam Rockwell showing off his bod of course and that alone is more than enough reason to check out today’s lovely scene. So let’s get to sit back and check the guy out as he gets to have some kinky fun with himself as he gets to do some outdoor sunbathing. And as we said, the tabloidmen cameras were all ready to capture all that greatness of film.


Take your time to see Sam making his way to the park and once there, he seems to be intent on searching for a nice and private part of it where he can be all alone. And the reason why becomes quite evident as soon as he finds such a spot too. He intends to catch the sunrays in the nude and that’s why he wanted to be alone. So to start, watch and enjoy a nice and sensual strip tease session that he gets to do. Then you can admire that all naked body too of course and enjoy the sight. Well have fun with the whole thing as always and come back again next week too. You will be able to see many more juicy and sexy studs in action!

Enjoy watching Sam Rockwell stripping off for you!

Kendrick Lamar

Well, it’s time to check out a new and hot tabloid men scene today of course and we have for you some more juicy and sexy scenes with new all hot and all sexy studs. This scene brings you the hot and smoking Kendrick Lamar in action. Yes, it’s the Lamar, the one and only singer and rapper as he gets to show off on stage during one of his performances. Now it’s nothing too extreme, it’s just that you get to have some great looks at his incredibly hot built body today. So let’s just take the time to check out his truly juicy and hot tabloidmen scene this afternoon that he has for you. We can promise you won’t be disappointed with it!

Like we said, this was during one of his concerts and straight from the start he looked as great as always. Now as you get to watch him perform, he gets hotter and hotter, and that’s fully normal for someone with his voice and energy on stage. Watch as the guy gets to take off his shirt and you get a nice and long frontal view of those muscular pecs of his. Oh he knows what he’s doing, rest assured. So just watch him do his performance as he teases everyone with his shirtless body and you can take your time with it. We’ll be back as always next week with a brand new set of images, so make sure that you come by and check those out as well. See you then!


Enjoy watching Kendrick showing off his six pack!

Tabloid Men – Michiel Huisman

Another fresh week and time to check out another new and hot tabloid men gallery here. We know how much you always enjoy seeing some hot and sexy nude celebs showing off their bodies on camera and we’re not about to skip out on you guys and miss one single week. So let’s get to watch another hot and sensual scene with another actor that gets to be exposed and have his butt show proudly on camera without delay. His name is Michiel Huisman and he’s today’s star that gets to be in the limelight. Let’s get around to check out just how he ended up showing off his body for you and we can guarantee you’ll have a blast.


Well, as his scene begins here at tabloidmen, Michiel can also be seen getting up from bed and of course, he’s all nude. What movie star stud doesn’t sleep in all nude to begin with? the freedom is amazing. Well anyway, as he gets up, of course, you can notice that he’s all naked. So he sleepily goes around and picks up his pants and other clothes, but you can see that until he gets dressed, you have ample views of that cute and sexy ass of his as he goes around. So enjoy this sexy scene with him and do come back next week for a new batch of superbly hot and sexy scenes just as always. We’ll be waiting for you all right here with that new juicy collection of hot images!

See Michiel completely naked in front of the camera!

Matthew Goode Sex Scene

Hey there, this week’s scene is another one that aims to impress, so let’s check out some new tabloid men in action for another new superb gallery today shall we? We know you’ve waited to check this one out for some time now and it’s just as amazing of a scene as all the rest. Today you get to see the hot and sexy Matthew Goode in action and you can bet that there’s quite some nice parts of this that you will really enjoy. Of course, that’s because he can be seen all naked, but rest assured that as the title suggests, he was not alone for this afternoon either! Let’s check out his juicy and hot tabloidmen scene today without delay!

The scene that we keep mentioning about has a neat little sex scene with a pretty sexy blonde babe with shoulder long hair as you can see. And the two seem to have gone at it on the small one person bed in the guy’s room, but that’s totally fine since they can just cuddle afterwards and not take that much room. So take your time to see them enjoy the sensual sex session they share and then take your time to see Matt’s body put on display as well for the rest of this amazing and incredible scene. We’ll see you all next time with another scene, but for now take your time to fully check out this one and have fun with it or enter the site if you wanna see some sexy shemales in action!


Watch here Matthew Goode in this hot sex scene!

Tabloid Men Justin Bieber

Today’s fresh tabloid men scene has some more of the things you like to see. And to put it bluntly of course, that means more hot studs getting to show off. Today’s scene is quite special in that regard as you get to see the one and only Justin Beiber taking a stroll outdoors with no shirt on. Yes, you read that right, this time you get to watch the recent controversial stud from the music industry getting to tease you all with his amazing body. So anyway, let’s get those cameras rolling and let’s just take the time to see this whole nice and sexy tabloidmen scene fully unfold shall we? we bet you’re eager to check it all out as well without delay!tabloid-men-justin-bieberWell, to be fair he was on his vacation at the tropics, so you know, it was pretty hot. That being the reason mainly why he didn’t have a shirt on. But that’s just great, because now you can check out that superb body of his exposed and see how well he likes to have hit maintained. It’s no wonder that all the babes and everyone else is crazy about the way he looks. So take your time to check out this juicy and hot as hell scene with Justin showing off his shirtless torso for you all this afternoon. We’ll be back again next week with a brand new gallery so make sure that you all stay tuned to catch it without delay okay? For more action, check out the Hazel Tucker site and see a big cocked tranny jerking off on the camera!

Enjoy watching Justin Bieber walking in public shirtless!

Josh Hartnett Naked

Hey there again everyone. Welcome back to another new and hot tabloid men scene just like usual. We take it you enjoyed last week’s little update with Jake showing off his nice body to you right? Well, once more you get to see another celeb stud getting his body exposed on camera and it’s as juicy and hot as the last scene too. Though this time, the guy that gets to play for your entertainment is Josh Hartnett and as you know, for his most recent movie he had to do some working out as well. So he looks just stunning too. Anywho, let’s get those tabloidmen cameras rolling and see another celeb getting kinky on cam!

It seems that Josh got to party hard last night with a lady companion as you can see her black satin dress put to the side on a couch in the room. We bet that the babe had some wild times with the guy and she got herself quite pleased by the end of it all as well. Anyway, what you want to check out is Josh waking up the morning after and showing off his cute round butt to the cameras. Enjoy seeing him getting up and walking around, and apart from the nice views of his sexy ass, you can also watch the guy as he parades the rest of his body around the room for even more juicy content. Have fun with the whole thing and we’ll be back soon! Until then, enter the Hazel Tucker site and see a big cocked shemale masturbating!


Check out Josh Hartnett posing completely naked!

Tabloid Men – Jake Gyllenhaal

Hey there guys. We’re back with some new tabloid men scenes for you to check out and this week’s update is another one that will leave you impressed for sure. That is because today, you get to check out another hunk of a man on camera exposing his body and you get to enjoy the view as much as you want with him. He’s the one and only Jake Gyllenhaal and he’s here today in this juicy scene just fro you to show off his perfectly sculpted body for the afternoon. So let’s get that juicy tabloidmen scene rolling on and see this guy in some sensual and sexy scenes this time. We can assure you that this scene is made just for you and you will have plenty to see with the guy on camera today!tabloid-men-jake-gyllenhaal

As the scene starts, the hot stud Jake, can be seen in his big comfy bed. He seems to have taken a nap and of course, he just loves to sleep in the nude. Well the show is all about him of course anyway, so he soon wakes up and you get a much better view at that muscled torso of his as he does some stretching. And since he was all nude already, you can see fully getting up and taking his cute naked ass to the drawers to get dressed. Have fun seeing the guy show off his sexy and hot nude body for you this afternoon and enjoy the whole thing. We’ll be coming back next week with a brand new update so make sure that you stay tuned! Until then, check out the CineMale site if you wanna see some hot male celebrities getting naked!

Enjoy watching Jake Gyllenhaal showing off his fit body!