Tabloid Men – Taylor Kitsch

Hi there guys and gals. It’s that time of the week again and you know what that means. New tabloid men scenes are here to be shown off to you and just like always they contain some juicy and hot men showing off their bodies. Today it’s Mr. Taylor Kitsch’s turn to have his body exposed and you can bet that it makes for a great show. So let’s get the show rolling and you will get to see the blonde stud as he joins his buddies by the pool and also undresses in this scene. He only needed to take off the shirt to be ready and you can see this little strip session going down here without any more delays. Let’s get started!


And we do have to say that let’s hope that Taylor gets to make more appearances in the future too, as he was just great for this tabloidmen scene. Well like we said, watch him stripping out of his clothes on camera to just keep his Speedo on for the pool. And with that enjoy the view of his sexy muscular body display on camera from every single angle possible as well. Well with that being said, we hope that you enjoy it and you just have to drop by next week for a special surprise. We’ll have quite the hot scene ready and trust us when we say that you all won’t want to miss any single image inside it either. See you all then!

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