Tabloid Men – Ryan Reynolds

Hey and welcome to today’s fresh tabloid men scene. We have quite possibly the best show toe ever grace your screens for the afternoon here today and we’re sure that you will agree. The star of this one is none other than Mr Ryan Reynolds, the famous actor who portrayed the lovable psychotic anti hero Deadpool recently and he did a wonderful job at it too. Well, today’s show has him all naked in a normal pool and you can check him out putting those superb body curves on display for you all to see. So yeah, let’s not delay and get to check out this fresh and neat tabloidmen show and you can see a brand new and amazing show!


As the cameras roll, you can see the guy jumping out of the pool and water and showing you just how good his body looks when he’s nice and shredded. And with all that water running down his body you can see why everyone loves this guy both physically and for his personality. Anyway, once he gets up on the little pier, take the time to watch as he gets to strut his cute ass around as well and show off how great he looks in this new update here today. Well either way, take your time to see it all go down and we’ll be sure to bring you more next week too. Bye bye for now ladies and gents and remember to check out all of the scenes around here too!

See here Ryan Reynolds butt naked!