Tabloid Men – Will Forte

Another fresh week and time to see another tabloid men update unfold here today. We know exactly what you want to see and we have much much more of it to show off in today’s lovely and naughty scene here. This one features the stud Will Forte in some action and even though it’s mostly solo, it’s still pretty nice to check out. In his scene, Will got to be all home alone and bored as he was…well you can see that he started to do all kinds of silly things to pass the time. But it’s still a great thing as while he was passing the time in this tabloidmen show, he gets to put on a sexy show for you all to see and enjoy here today!


By the looks of it the guy wanted to get to play tennis in the house mostly nude and in his underwear. So as he undressed down to his underpants, you can see him roaming around the house to find his racket and the foam balls. Sure enough he eventually finds them and he seems all ready now to play hard with the whole things. Either way, sit back and relax as you can check him out playing around the house in his underwear and see him exposing his cute body to you all today. We will be taking our leave as always now, and we will return again next week once again with another new collection of hot scenes for you all to see!

Watch here this guy posing in his underwear!