Tabloid Man – Steve Weatherford

We have a truly special scene to let you check out today and as you can see, it features Steve Watherford, which is quite the sexy guy. He gets to put his muscled body on display for you all in this show as he just got done with this photo gallery here. He held it to show off his gains for the new role that is coming up for him and you can see him proudly displaying his ripped body at this point. Well it’s not just his pecs and arms of course so you can bet that you get to see his fine ass as he turns around for you all as well. But either way, let the show begin and let’s watch another amazing tabloidmen scene her today with him shall we?

Well the background is just a regular and plain brick wall and it works nicely to contrast with the guy’s more tanned skin here today anyway. But once he gets going it looks like there’s nothing to stop him either. Check him out also showing off his tattoos for you while he poses around and as you can see he has quite a lot of them all over the body too. Well like we said earlier, see him turn around and reveal his body from every angle possible for you guys and gals today as he wants to make sure that you see each and every inch of it without fail. We’ll be back next week with more great shows so come on by to see them!


Click here to see this jock showing off his ripped off body!