Tabloid Men – Adrian Grenier at the beach

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. Today we have a bit of a special little tabloid men update for you as it’s a bit of a special occasion. As you all know, we always like to make sure that you get the best of the best scenes with these hot studs and this one was no different. We want to have this as a sort of thanks for sticking by for so long ad that’s why this one features none other than Adrian Grenier while he gets to have some fun all by himself at the beach side in this tabloidmen update! Take your time to sit back and watch as the paparazzi got to capture this guy all alone at a private beach getting wet and looking good too!

Naturally, he’s only sporting his shorts for this one as anything more is just stifling under this hot summer sun. To begin with the shots of him do have him taking off the shirt and soon after he goes in the water. But we know that that’s what you want to see as you can watch that superb hairy body all nice and wet now as he comes out. And to dry off, the guy takes it upon himself to do some light jogging along the beach too. Either way, we hope that you had tons of fun with this whole thing and you most definitely need to check out next week’s show as well. There’s going to be something quite special that you won’t want to miss!


Take a look at Adrian shirtless at the beach!