Tyson Beckford

Another fresh week and as promised a new¬†tabloid men update. The reason why you most definitely need to check this one out in particular is because the guest star is Tyson Beckford and this black stud… well you know how good he looks. So he did a recent photo shoot and as you can see in the preview it’s quite enticing and juicy too. So you can have the time of your lives checking out all of the naughty things that he got to do for the cameras and you all here today. So with that being said, let’s not delay any longer and let’s get this¬†tabloidmen show rolling since we bet that you want to see Tyson posing sexy for your viewing pleasure!


As you all also know, we’re always trying to improve and make the site more and more better. To make it your go to place when you want to get to see some amazing studs in kinky action getting down and dirty for the camera and you all. And Tyson’s scene here is pretty much perfect as an example of always having the best of the best content. Either way, take the time to see him entering wearing just his underwear and then watch as he gets to strip off more and more. We’ll let you explore and figure out just how far he goes but for now enjoy. And if you wand more right now, you can also check out the past scenes too!

Enjoy watching Tyson Beckford stripping off!