Tabloid Men – Matt Bomer

Another fresh week and time to check out a brand new and fresh tabloid men update just like always. We know what you want to see and we have more of it to reveal today. As you know, we try to make this site the best place to go to when you want to see some candid content featuring your most favorite male movie stars and in this one we have quite the special guest. The scene features Matt Bomer as he gets to sit in bed and think things over, but as you can see, the guy is completely naked. And yeah, there were lots of fun times that were just had in that bed at tabloidmen today. But let’s just check him out today shall we?


It doesn’t really matter what happened before this whole thing today anyway. We know you just want to see Matt by himself being all sexy and horny and well, just take a seat and let yourselves lost in exploring the images in his gallery today. The gray satin covers were also covering his lower half and slowly but surely you will get to see more and more of him. By the time you check it all out he’s all completely nude and we know that you will love the view. See you ladies and gents next week as per usual with a brand new gallery update and another fresh scene. Until then check this one out and the past updates too for even more content!

See sexy Matt Bomer butt naked in bed!

Justin Timberlake’s Tattoos

Hey there guys and gals, you came in at just the right time to see a new tabloidmen scene here today with another cutie that’s pretty famous. Just by the title alone we bet that you all know who this guy is and we bet that you also know that a good musician as he is, he recently got into movies and acting as well. And he was quite impressive to say the least. Well either way, Justin Timberlake can be seen this week having some fun in front of some cameras and you can all check out the result of it all here today. So let’s not waste time and see him in some action showing off his sexy body and tattoos today!

It seems that he wasn’t always interested in these, but every time he had a success he wanted to have something permanent to remind him of it. And that’s why he started getting ink. Now as you can see, those just make him look even better and give him a bit more of a tougher look too. We’re sure that you will agree and as you will see in this gallery there’s no shortage of angles that this guy gets to pose in so that you may check them all out for the afternoon. That’s about it for this one but you can always come back again next week and check out a brand new batch of images and fresh updates as well. Bye!


Take a look at Justin showing off his tattoos!

Tabloid Men – Lebron James

It seems like you dropped at just the right time to check out a brand new tabloid men scene here today and boy do we have a surprise for you. The gallery here has in it none other than Lebron James, the famous black stud. And he gets to show off those amazing body curves for you today as he gets to have a solo training session at the gym. So yeah, you are about to take your time to see the whole thing unfold and him showing off his body. We’re sure that you will have fun with the tabloidmen show so let’s not delay and just see Lebron working out and showing off his big muscles on screen for you all without delay today shall we?


The gym was all his like we said and he was aiming to use it as much as he could. He’s very very happy to let you all check it all out and see him work out this afternoon. But either way, there’s some pretty amazing images to behold with the guy here this week and you can enjoy seeing that muscled body from every possible angle today as he works out just for you and himself. Just take the time to truly enjoy every single image in his superb gallery here today and we’re sure that you can enjoy yourselves with the whole thing too. We’re going to take our leave for now and rest easy knowing that we will be back again next week with more!

Click here to see Lebron showing off his amazing body!

Hot Joe Manganiello

Mr Manganiello is the main star in the new and fresh tabloid men scene here today and we have a gallery featuring him and him alone in a superbly hot and sexy gallery update that is just for you of course to see. He gets to take the role of a lifeguard in his little tower today but since there’s no one at the beach, he can do what ever he wants today. And by the looks of it, that seems to be posing and showing off his superb muscled body to you all. Just take a rest for this one and see the hot Joe Manganiello having some solo naughty fun today just for you. He know how to put himself on display and this tabloidmen with him shows that perfectly!

So like we said, the beach side was nice and quiet and the guy had the spot to himself to check out if there was any trouble here today. Sure enough no one was around in sight and he had the place to himself. So check him out wearing only his shorts and getting to pose around sensually and sexy for everyone to check him out. Just watch his body from every possible angle here today and watch him having fun showing it all off just to you ladies and gents. We’re sure that you will have fun with it when you get to see it and rest easy knowing that there’s more coming soon too. We’ll see you next week  with another new gallery and more scenes!


Watch here Joe posing shirtless at the beach!

Tabloid Men – James Marsden

Another fresh week and time to see another glorious and sexy scene with more tabloid men in action. This time what we want you to see is the hot stud James Marsden and his very own hot and sexy show for the afternoon. He gets to show off everything in this little scene that was taken from his most recent movie and you can bet that he was all naked and proud to put his body on display. Sit back and relax as you are about to take your sweet time and see the one and only James all naked and playing naughty all by himself in his back yard. And this tabloidmen scene is sure to make you want to see much much more of this guy too!


So as one might expect, you can see the stud undressing first. He seems to have the Jacuzzi ready and that’s why he was all nude. Either way he got to have some fun with undressing first and foremost. He got to shred his body for this role and you can see that he looks simply stunning too. So you can rest assured that he was really really eager to get to show it all off in this new scene. It makes for some amazing and hot galleries to behold and we bet that you will agree too. See you all next week with more amazing and hot updates as well. We’ll have even more glorious and sexy scenes to put on display for you and we’re sure you will adore them!

Check out James posing completely naked!

Garrett Hedlund at the beach

There’s a brand new and fresh tabloid men update here this week waiting for you and it’s as amazing as all of the rest around here. You can take the time for this one to check out Garret Hedlund in this show and his little trip to the beach. The paparazzi that are always trailing this guy were all ready and prepared to see him have some solo fun at a private part of the beach and you can see that this guy seems to have a fondness for getting naked too. So yeah, they managed to get a nice gallery of pics featuring the hot Garret playing and we have it all here at tabloidmen today! Either way let’s see this guy naked at the seaside today!

So once the show begins you can pretty much see the beach that we were talking about and this guy getting ready to play. He lets it all breather as he takes his shorts when he reaches the spot and then just gets into the water. Sit back and watch as he gets to splash around and after that you will see the guy get to have the fun that he wants running up and down the beach as well. And of course he does get to do some sunbathing as well, which lets you check out his whole body as he’s still nude from various angles. Anyway it’s a show not to miss as we said, and we’re getting ready to bring you another amazing one next week as well. see you then!


Watch here Garrett getting caught naked!

Tabloid Men – Chris Messina

Welcome to today’s fresh and new tabloid men scene here and some more amazing galleries with hot movie stars showing it all just for you. This week we want you to check out Chris Messina in action and his very very hot update in which he gets to show off his amazing body for you. The scene itself is from one of his most recent movies and we bet that you already know which one it is as well. The guy gets to do some stripping that you can check out and he does it from all dressed up to pretty much no clothes on. We’re sure you want to see this tabloidmen show go on so let’s just take the time to get those cameras rolling and see the guy nude shall we?


Watch the scene begin with Chris making his entry and the first view of him that you get of course, is him in a full suit. He looks quite good in that and he’s almost ready to go. Just watch him starting to strip and reveal his body bit by bit for you all and you can enjoy the whole thing with him. See the shirt and the coat come off and that amazingly hot torso put on display all muscly and stuff. Of course he goes on lower and lower and by the time he’s all done, the only thing that he has on is his tie and that’s about it. We hope that you had some fun with the whole thing and we’re sure that you will have fun with the next updates that we’ll bring as well!

Enjoy watching Chris stripping off!

Chris Evans in Captain America

Hey there again everyone and welcome back as usual. We’ve got all new tabloid men scenes to show off and this one is truly one to not pass up on. As the title suggests, this one has none other than the hot and sexy Chris Evans from his most famous movie that he got to star in, namely Captain America. And of course, we get to see the scene where he gets to be transformed from a physically underwhelming person with a strong will to the number one super hero to protect freedom in the US of A. So sit back and watch the tabloidmen scene unfold, and we can see mister Evans here show off his amazing body to you all without delay!

As you know, Chris’s character starts off very weak but very patriotic and is very happy to help where he can. But soon enough, he gets to be the symbol of peace for the US and the whole world and everyone adores him. With a body like his it’s hard to see anyone not honestly. But either way, the scene has Chris stepping out of the enhancement chamber and showing off his superb and now fully muscled upper body. He looks stunning as always and we bet that you will adore the sight of this whole thing too. We’ll be right back next week with another update so make sure that you come on by like usual to check out the kinky action! Bye bye guys!


Click here to see Chris posing shirtless!

Tabloid Men – Alan Tudyk

Tabloid men is back once more guys and there’s some new and fresh scenes to see here. You know that we always have the best of the best shows with the hottest male movie stars in action to show off. And this week we bring you the scene of Alan Tudyk, a guy that we’re sure you know of fully well and his most amazing and recent movie. There’s a scene that has him showing off most of his amazing body in this update and you most definitely need to check it out if you love the guy. Just sit back and enjoy this juicy tabloidmen scene with him and watch as he gets to put on display those amazingly shredded abs that he got for the role here today!


On top of all of the things, this scene takes place at the poolside with the guy and lots and lots of his buddies having fun in the hot summer sun. It looks like a friend of his dropped by that needs his help and he gets to take a break from partying hard today. And that’s why you can enjoy the nice and juicy close ups of his superb abs in this new scene here. There are plenty of pictures in this gallery to make it worth your time of course and we’re sure that you will enjoy each and every single one of them too. We’ll be back again next week with some more action scenes and all new and fresh movie stars that get naughty for the camera and you!

Enjoy watching Alan showing off his rock hard abs!

Channing Tatum in Magic Mike

Welcome to tabloid men everyone. We’re her with some amazing and hot new shows that you can check out and the main stars in this one are Channing Tatum and Magic Mike. You know how good both of them look and how they like to party hard. So in this lovely update you can see them breaking up a fight in a scene that they shared together and on top of that Channing here is a bit nude. So yeah, sit back and get ready to check out a brand new and fresh scene with some hot guys having some fun showing off their bodies to you all in this tabloidmen scene. So with that in mind let the kinky show begin today without any delay!

The two guys were at a party and Channing’s character got to play a stripper that was there to make everyone feel nice and show them a good time. Somehow a fight broke out and the half naked dude got to intervene. Spirits were quickly tamed and the show could go on as well. So Mr Tatum and Mike can be seen showing off their bodies as the latter joined in the fun session that the other started. We hope that you will have lots and lots of fun with this amazing and how gallery and we’ll see you again next week with some more. You can rest assured that there’s going to be all new and all fresh galleries with more famous guys next week too.


Check out Channing showing off his fine ass!