Tyson Beckford

Another fresh week and as promised a new tabloid men update. The reason why you most definitely need to check this one out in particular is because the guest star is Tyson Beckford and this black stud… well you know how good he looks. So he did a recent photo shoot and as you can see in the preview it’s quite enticing and juicy too. So you can have the time of your lives checking out all of the naughty things that he got to do for the cameras and you all here today. So with that being said, let’s not delay any longer and let’s get this tabloidmen show rolling since we bet that you want to see Tyson posing sexy for your viewing pleasure!


As you all also know, we’re always trying to improve and make the site more and more better. To make it your go to place when you want to get to see some amazing studs in kinky action getting down and dirty for the camera and you all. And Tyson’s scene here is pretty much perfect as an example of always having the best of the best content. Either way, take the time to see him entering wearing just his underwear and then watch as he gets to strip off more and more. We’ll let you explore and figure out just how far he goes but for now enjoy. And if you wand more right now, you can also check out the past scenes too!

Enjoy watching Tyson Beckford stripping off!

Tabloid Men – Adrian Grenier at the beach

Hey there guys and gals and welcome back. Today we have a bit of a special little tabloid men update for you as it’s a bit of a special occasion. As you all know, we always like to make sure that you get the best of the best scenes with these hot studs and this one was no different. We want to have this as a sort of thanks for sticking by for so long ad that’s why this one features none other than Adrian Grenier while he gets to have some fun all by himself at the beach side in this tabloidmen update! Take your time to sit back and watch as the paparazzi got to capture this guy all alone at a private beach getting wet and looking good too!

Naturally, he’s only sporting his shorts for this one as anything more is just stifling under this hot summer sun. To begin with the shots of him do have him taking off the shirt and soon after he goes in the water. But we know that that’s what you want to see as you can watch that superb hairy body all nice and wet now as he comes out. And to dry off, the guy takes it upon himself to do some light jogging along the beach too. Either way, we hope that you had tons of fun with this whole thing and you most definitely need to check out next week’s show as well. There’s going to be something quite special that you won’t want to miss!


Take a look at Adrian shirtless at the beach!

Tabloid Men – Zachary Quinto

You all seem to have loved last week’s tabloid men scene with the muscled guy getting naughty. Well because of that, we decided to have brand new one here with the hot and juicy star named Zachary Quinto and his amazing body as well. So yeah, there’s another new solo scene with a hot stud posing for you all but this one is more guerrilla style if you will. As you can see the lighting is a bit off even for these big images and that’s because the guy shot this whole thing from his phone today. Sit back and check out the tabloidmen action with Quinto here and see him dance all naked for you in this show today!


The scene itself you’ll have to figure out where it came from by yourselves as we were just interested to let you see this guy in some amazing action this afternoon, playing solo by himself. He seems to be in his bedroom and all ready to get to be nasty. Clothes don’t seem to be an issue for him as it appears that he comes in the show all naked right from the start anyway. So watch that too and then see our stud having some juicy fun moving around and showing off for you. Of course that’s about it for now, but you know that we have more and we’ll show that off next week with the new studs and more amazing galleries! You just make sure to drop by and visit!

Enjoy watching this hunk posing completely naked!

Tabloid Man – Steve Weatherford

We have a truly special scene to let you check out today and as you can see, it features Steve Watherford, which is quite the sexy guy. He gets to put his muscled body on display for you all in this show as he just got done with this photo gallery here. He held it to show off his gains for the new role that is coming up for him and you can see him proudly displaying his ripped body at this point. Well it’s not just his pecs and arms of course so you can bet that you get to see his fine ass as he turns around for you all as well. But either way, let the show begin and let’s watch another amazing tabloidmen scene her today with him shall we?

Well the background is just a regular and plain brick wall and it works nicely to contrast with the guy’s more tanned skin here today anyway. But once he gets going it looks like there’s nothing to stop him either. Check him out also showing off his tattoos for you while he poses around and as you can see he has quite a lot of them all over the body too. Well like we said earlier, see him turn around and reveal his body from every angle possible for you guys and gals today as he wants to make sure that you see each and every inch of it without fail. We’ll be back next week with more great shows so come on by to see them!


Click here to see this jock showing off his ripped off body!

Tabloid Men – Will Forte

Another fresh week and time to see another tabloid men update unfold here today. We know exactly what you want to see and we have much much more of it to show off in today’s lovely and naughty scene here. This one features the stud Will Forte in some action and even though it’s mostly solo, it’s still pretty nice to check out. In his scene, Will got to be all home alone and bored as he was…well you can see that he started to do all kinds of silly things to pass the time. But it’s still a great thing as while he was passing the time in this tabloidmen show, he gets to put on a sexy show for you all to see and enjoy here today!


By the looks of it the guy wanted to get to play tennis in the house mostly nude and in his underwear. So as he undressed down to his underpants, you can see him roaming around the house to find his racket and the foam balls. Sure enough he eventually finds them and he seems all ready now to play hard with the whole things. Either way, sit back and relax as you can check him out playing around the house in his underwear and see him exposing his cute body to you all today. We will be taking our leave as always now, and we will return again next week once again with another new collection of hot scenes for you all to see!

Watch here this guy posing in his underwear!

Robert Ri’chard in Chocolate City

For this week’s brand new tabloid men scene you have the honor of seeing Robert Ri’chard in some amazing scenes as he gets to be on stage by himself and show off his amazing body for you all to check out. You can see the fine chocolate skinned movie star as he gets to expose pretty much all of his body in this Chocolate City scene as he gets to strip on a stage and show off for you. We bet that you ladies and gents are all really eager to get to see this guy showing off his naked body, so let’s not delay and just get the tabloidmen cameras going to see him in some juicy action shall we everyone? We can assure you it’s sizzling hot!

He’s quite the pro at it as you can see and before he gets to do anything else, you can see him getting to wear his little sexy outfit too, which is of course a tanned leather thing around the waist and some leather bracers. As the show begins and the music blasts, the guy gets into the groove and starts to work up a sweat. That body looks just amazing as it’s glistening in the stage lights and we bet that you will love that too. Sure enough he undresses more and more until he’s all naked and then the show ends. We honestly hope that you had fun today and there will be much more action to check out as well in the following updates. See you soon!


Click here to see this ripped jock showing off his body!

Tabloid Men – Ryan Reynolds

Hey and welcome to today’s fresh tabloid men scene. We have quite possibly the best show toe ever grace your screens for the afternoon here today and we’re sure that you will agree. The star of this one is none other than Mr Ryan Reynolds, the famous actor who portrayed the lovable psychotic anti hero Deadpool recently and he did a wonderful job at it too. Well, today’s show has him all naked in a normal pool and you can check him out putting those superb body curves on display for you all to see. So yeah, let’s not delay and get to check out this fresh and neat tabloidmen show and you can see a brand new and amazing show!


As the cameras roll, you can see the guy jumping out of the pool and water and showing you just how good his body looks when he’s nice and shredded. And with all that water running down his body you can see why everyone loves this guy both physically and for his personality. Anyway, once he gets up on the little pier, take the time to watch as he gets to strut his cute ass around as well and show off how great he looks in this new update here today. Well either way, take your time to see it all go down and we’ll be sure to bring you more next week too. Bye bye for now ladies and gents and remember to check out all of the scenes around here too!

See here Ryan Reynolds butt naked!

Michael Jai White

Hey there everyone! You want to see more amazing and hot tabloid men action? well you are in just the right place to see some more famous movie stars getting to expose themselves on camera for you. Or rather in the scenes that they had going, and you can see just the good parts of them snipped together here for the afternoon. The main feature of this show is Michael Jai White and of course he’s one of the best looking black movie stars out there. He always lands these roles where he gets to play muscled black men that look gorgeous, so sit back and check out this one as he plays a full contact MMA fighter. You are in for a world of great tabloidmen images!

Anyway, like we said, we bet that you want to see him in action already and his superb body in full display too. The guy has a cage match with another guy and seems to be really eager to get to play. See the sweat starting to drip as the two muscled hunks dance around one another in the ring today and work each other to exhaustion too. Either way it’s a great way to notice those big muscles put to some amazing and hard work and we’re absolutely sure that you will enjoy every single second of this whole thing too. We want to say goodbye to you all for now and tell you to come back next week and check out even more naughty shows too. See you all then!


Watch here these jocks showing their six packs!

Tabloid Men – Robbie Amell

Hey there guys and welcome to the new and fresh tabloid men scene that we have all ready and prepared for you all this afternoon. We want to bring you a nice and hot scene featuring the sexy stud Robbie Amell as he gets to have his time to shine in his very own hot and sexy scene here today. He gets some alone time to play in the locker room and you can see him having lots and lots of fun with the whole thing too. He, of course gets to undress and show off all naked and nude in this tabloidmen show and you can see every detail of the hot stud’s scene in this update. Let’s get it going and see the action unfold shall we?


The guy and a co worker are at the lockers where they were working and getting ready to change their clothes to the work outfits. Now Robbie’s character here decided to be all sensual and naughty and tease the other person there. To do that he drops pretty much all his clothes off and when that person asks why, she smugly says that it’s better for him this way. But either way he wants them to have a full frontal view of his hot body and you get to see it as well in this amazing scene here for the afternoon. So let those cameras roll and enjoy the naughty and kinky action with Robbie today everyone. We’ll see you again next week with more.

Take a look at Robbie getting naked in the locker room!

Mark Wahlberg Naked

It’s the perfect time to bring you a brand new and juicy tabloid men show here to see today and just as usual we have some more amazingly hot scenes with well known movie stars getting naughty. Today you get to see none other than the sexy Mark Wahlberg naked on your screens and we are pretty sure that you will love this one too. You know we don’t disappoint when it comes to hot guys like this and we always aim to have the best looking scenes for you all to see. So sit down and hold onto your butts for today’s tabloidmen scene as you get to watch Mark showing up all naked on your screens and presenting his naked curves for you all to see.

The scene is of course from one of his latest movies and it featured him sitting and brooding as he thinks things through in his living room. He sits in his leather armchair while he mulls things over and he seems to be naked from the waist up. Just take your time to enjoy seeing him pose around the room without his shirt overall today and have fun with the guy being his usual self. We bet that you will truly have fun with this whole thing and we’ll see you again next week with more amazing and fresh galleries as well. There will be more to check out and who knows, maybe we’ll get some more scenes with Mark in the future as well. See you then!


Click here to see Mark posing without his shirt!